This is some of our Watkins Nurseries team, we are pleased to meet you! If you need to contact any of us, please visit the “Contact” page.

Shannon Bush

Shannon earned her degree in business from Virginia Commonwealth University. She handles everything pertaining to pavers and bulk materials. She has a record of completion in the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course and the NCMA Segmental Retaining Wall Installer Course. Shannon enjoys frequenting craft shows and spending time with her mom, brother, and kids.

Robert ‘Elvis’ Harris

Here at Watkins Elvis is not the King of Rock n’ Roll, but rather the King of the Dock. (He got the nickname from some stylish sideburns he sported in the early 1990s). Elvis has worked at Watkins for over 28 years and describes his official title as “dock foreman and precision loader.”

Jerry Lawson

As a graduate of the Virginia Tech School of Agriculture, Jerry focused his degree on Landscape Design and Ornamental Horticulture. He has been our residential and commercial landscape designer here at Watkins for over 36 years. Running the landscape department with finesse, he has obviously mastered the art of time travel because he, in fact, can be multiple places at once. Jerry is quite the outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting, as well as time spent with his family.

Denise Malley

Denise is our in-house accounting associate. She spends her days on F-2 (floor two) handling the financial matters of the company for us (because the rest of us just know the plants). She has been in the industry for over ten years. Denise enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, and her two Corgis.

Lacy Michael

Lacy is our receptionist and accounting assistant. Never without a chipper attitude, she helps customers, invoices orders, and handles the paperwork for the landscape department. Lacy enjoys spending time with her two daughters.

Missy Rogers

A graduate of the University of Tennessee’s education program, (GO VOLS!) Missy is our one-woman Human Resources department. She has been at Watkins for over seven years and handles payroll and taxes, insurance information, and all employee benefits. She never forgets anyone’s birthday and is always willing to help! Missy enjoys being active in her church community and spending time with her family.

Steven Spurlock

Steven earned his degree in horticulture from Christopher Newport University. He is our farm/production manager, but most enjoys propagation work on our Powhatan farm. Steven brings his dog (and professed life-partner), Hank with him to work often. They enjoy cuddling, playing fetch, and drinking mimosas by the river.

Robert Watkins

Robert is the fifth-generation owner/president of Watkins Nurseries. Robert earned his degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech after spending his childhood on the farms. After college, he returned to run Watkins Nurseries and over the last ten years he has worked to grow the business to what it is now. Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids (the 6th Generation) and anything else he can do that is not behind a desk.