Bulk Materials (Retail)

Whether you need a load of gravel delivered for your driveway or you just need to pickup a yard of mulch for your flower beds, we have what you need! We provide quality compost, soil, mulch, rock, and sand for every project – big or small. If you have questions about product, delivery schedule, or delivery pricing, give us a call at (804) 379-8733!

We are in the process of changing our inventory management system. Please call for pricing and availability.

**If you’re looking for Mary Ann’s Trucking, that’s us! We acquired Mary Ann’s Trucking back in 2006 but we are now finally bringing everything under the Watkins Nurseries name. New name but same great service! **

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For sales orders, please submit your requests and questions to sales@watkinsnurseries.com.


Our compost is made from rich organic material and aged and heated to proper temperatures. The end result is perfect for mixing into beds and large plantings. Our compost is 100% organic, made with all leaves, fruit, and vegetable waste. Compost promotes plant growth by naturally replenishing the soil's nutrients, decreasing the need for chemical fertilizers that can be harmful for the environment. Benefits of compost include healthier and greener lawns, aid to flower and plant growth, and a smaller ecological impact.

Premium Topsoil
Our premium topsoil is registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a horticultural growing medium and is high in organic matter.

Blended Topsoil
Our blended topsoil is a mix of 60% screened topsoil and 40% compost, making it an ideal all-in-one material for soil work needs.

Screened Topsoil
This soil is 100% screened soil topsoil. This is great for areas where soil has eroded or for a better quality soil to fill in empty areas.

Unscreened/Fill Dirt
This soil is unscreened and should be used for projects where planting and landscaping is not a priority.

Contractor Grade Topsoil
When we screen grindings, there is a lot of soil that is removed. This is contractor grade topsoil. It is better quality than fill dirt, but does not contain enough rich organic matter to use for plantings.


Double Shredded Hardwood
This mulch is hardwood, double shredded, and undyed. It is the most natural (and popular!) option.

Dyed Hardwood
This mulch is dyed, double shredded, hardwood that exhibits a rich brown color and is resistant to fading.

Black Dyed
Our dyed black mulch is eco-friendly and the color lasts for a season.

Red Dyed
Our dyed red mulch is eco-friendly and the color lasts for a season.

Playground Mulch
This mulch is wood fiber shredded and tested to meet all federal regulations for playground material.

River Rock

Brown #3’s
This brown river rock contains golf ball size stones ranging from 1” to 3” in diameter.

Brown #57’s
This rock contains pieces of stone ranging from 0.5” to 1” across.

Brown Crushed Stone
This brown river rock contains fragments of stone approximately 0.75” across. This is used for decorative driveways.

Brown Pea Gravel
This brown river rock contains pieces of stone ranging from 0.25” to 0.5” across. Pea gravel is most often used in driveways, playgrounds, and sidewalks.

Granite Rock

Granite #57’s
This rock contains pieces of stone ranging from 0.5” to 1” across. This is the most popular gravel for driveways.

Granite #26’s (Crush and Run)
This rock contains 50% granite dust and 50% small pieces of granite. It is a very packable material and works well for patio installations.

Granite Dust
This rock is fine, dust like, crushed granite. It is used most often for horse stalls, riding rings, or dog pens.


Brick Sand
This is very fine sand often used for masonry work.

Concrete Sand
This is courser sand used under pavers or as a soil amendment.


This is course, untreated, whole tree mulch typically used on steep slopes.