We offer delivery and landscape services, as well as informational resources for the convenience of every customer. The resources page, below is a wonderful way to gather information that you need for your next project. Our landscape and delivery departments offer expertise and quality service. Feel free to contact us for information regarding pricing and scheduling at (804) 379-8733 or

Landscape Design

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Our Landscape Department is a customer-oriented service that offers every client a unique approach to their project. With an emphasis on individuality and detail, our team ensures that you receive a wonderful experience and a cohesive and beautiful design.

Materials Delivery

Our delivery services are individualized to each customer’s specific needs.  We offer delivery services for our ball & burlap trees, container plants, and bulk materials and have a fleet of equipment and vehicles that can handle each task.



We have a whole list of informational PDFs available to make the conceptualizing, ordering, and delivering process easier. If you need to know what plants are “deer resistant,” how much a 32” root ball weighs, or how tall a 2” caliper tree is, just visit our resources page!